About me

Christian A. Kull is a geographer, with particular interest in the social dimensions of environmental change in developing countries, islands, and highlands, and everywhere else too.  He is currently professor at the Institute for Geography and Sustainability, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

From 2018 to 2021 he served as Vice Dean of Research, Communication and Quality in the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment.

Previously, he was:

Editorial boards. I am Associate Editor at Environmental Conservation and member of the board at Natures, Sciences, et Sociétés, Environment and Planning E :  Nature and Space, and the Fire Social Science section of Fire.

Contact:  Go to my institutional official website (see links at right), or email me directly.

CV: Here’s an up-to-date PDF of my long-version CV: Christian Kull CV (this link downloads a PDF from Google Docs – it’s a little slow to load, be patient)

2 Responses to About me

  1. Anton says:

    It’s quite eery as I knew a Christian Kull in the early eighties doing Botany at UTC, University of Cape Town South Africa. Charming guy with a face, well as far as I can remember (and I like to think I never forget a face….or a name for that matter) almost exactly the same as yours.

    Am I living a kind of warped punarjanm or are you?

    Truly mysterious! I have no reall explanation for this. Thought I should mention it anyway.

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