Field study trip to South Africa

For the fifth time since 2004, earlier this year I travelled to Mpumalanga province, South Africa, to co-lead a field study program with my colleague Priya Rangan of Monash University. Two dozen students from Australia, and each day a new fascinating topic and field site visits.

Some links:  My photos from 2011 [no longer available, sorry]    Field studies class website       Facebook group of field studies alumni

2 Responses to Field study trip to South Africa

  1. wolfram says:

    Hi Ck, great page! Send the link to as many students and colleagues as possible. Just spent the week diving Tubataha Reef. Great fun but exhausting! see you in Seattle! Wolf

    • Sorry mate, I’m not attending the AAGs this year, have submitted an abstract for IGU regional meeting in Santiago (Chile) instead, but am a little spooked by the fact that Pinochet supposedly taught geography at the host institution (the Escuela Militar). But oddly enough it’s a place to which travel is relatively painless from here, a (rare) direct Suva to Auckland then connect to Santiago. Best wishes, ck

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