PhD scholarships in political ecology

I am recruiting for two doctoral students to work with me in the development studies group at the Institute of Geography and Sustainability at the Université de Lausanne next year.  One of the scholarships is open topic in political ecology in a developing world context; the other has a potential focus on the political ecology of fast-expanding Acacia tree plantations in southeast Asia, esp. Vietnam. These are fully-paid positions (4 days a week) of up to five year duration, with at least half the time dedicated to your PhD studies and up to half as a teaching and/or research assistant.  The official announcements are here (in English; in French) on the university website; PDF version are here (in English, en Français).  Obviously, decent knowledge of French will be useful, but the thesis can be written in either language. The applications are due December 5, 2014.  Start date is March but negotiable.  Feel free to contact me by email in the meantime with questions.

Please also note that the Swiss government has attractive funding for research visits, PhDs, and postdocs by foreigners, called the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists (SERI).  The opportunities and deadlines vary slightly by your ‘country of origin’ (for Australia it is Nov. 11, for Madagascar it is Nov. 30).

One Response to PhD scholarships in political ecology

  1. milliontrees says:

    Congratulations on securing the funding for these positions. The potential projects sound very interesting and useful.

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